FRP Cooling Towers



Our cooling towers are of induced draught counterflow designs. They have been designed optimally to ensure very low power consumption. Our fans have been designed by the Aerospace Division at IIT Mumbai and are on par with international performance. Our seamless one-piece casing has been designed to provide utmost structural strength and easy site installation. We use the highest quality FRP in construction. Our fills design has been optimized to provide the maximum contact area for air-water.

Analysis  of  Requirements

The water temperatures (hot water in and cold water out), the wet bulb temperature of the site of installation and the required water flow are the 3 major factors in order to select a wet cooling tower. After analyzing your needs, we will propose the most appropriate technical and economic solution.There are Himgiri standard solutions for every need upto a flow rate of 1200 m3/hr in single cell. For higher flow rates, we recommend multicell solutions. Our engineers can also make special adaptations of the standard cooling towers in order to meet the most specific of needs.

Customization Considerations

The various type of available heat exchange surfaces allows us to select a suitable fill whether of the "film" type or of the "splash" type . The heat exchange fill is chosen according to the quality of water to be cooled (clean or highly polluted water), but also depending on the specific environment of the site and considering the process to be cooled. We also customize the motor-gearbox configuration to suit the client needs. Motors are available in various specifications such as various IP ratings, voltages, frequencies, flame-proof capacities, etc.


Induced draft counterflow design provides the

maximum efficiency than any other design 

Easy access to all the internal components of the cooling tower

Short lead and delivery time. Easy transport and low transport volume

Direct drive motors eliminate the need for gearboxes and thus reduce maintenance


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