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V-Bar Cooling Towers



V-bar cooling towers consist of splash type fills in a PVC mesh. Unlike film fills, V-bars require practically zero maintenance since they are completely clog-free. Water is allowed to flow unhindered through these splash fills. Hence, They are best suited for applications with high TDS and dissolved solvents. They can also be used for salt water applications. The splash fills come in two varieties - PVC splash fills and FRP splash fills. The FRP splash fills can withstand temperatures of more than 95 degrees C. This makes them an ideal replacement for two-stage towers. The FRP V-bars are also chemically inert, which allows for operation in a wide range of highly acidic and reactive environment, where the cooling solution is other than water.

High temperature resistance

Our FRP V-bars can withstand temperatures of more than 95 degrees C. FRP has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion as well, which prevents it from becoming brittle under high temperatures. Hence, the process of high temperature cooling, which was performed in two-stage cooling towers, can now be performed in a single cooling tower, which greatly reduces the plan area.

Clogging-free operation 

Unlike film fills and their honey-comb design, the splash bars allow for a free motion of water. This prevents clog-free operation an leads to a truly zero-maintenance operation. Any solids that get deposited on the V-bars are automatically dislodged by the motion of the water. Hence, this makes this the ideal solution for high TDS solutions, salt water or any liquid other than water.


FRP V-bars can withstand temperatures as high as 95 degrees C 

A truly zero- maintenance experience which is unique to any cooling tower

Non-clogging operation which allows for high TDS, salt water and other liquids

Chemical inertness allows the towers to operate for highly reactive processes

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