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The modular cooling tower system can be expanded and customized, and there are standard solutions available for various capacity requirements. This system is standardized to a great degree and has been adapted to a great number of customer wishes. Around 80 % is available as standard solutions, with the remaining 20 % implemented as customized engineering. The factory-preassembled modules are employed primarily for smaller projects, for which the customer enjoys significant cost advantages. The larger the project, on the other hand, the more effective are field-erected cooling towers. Our engineers make customized modifications to meet your special requirements.

Our standardized range of cooling towers, these cells are factory manufactured and shipped to the site. They support water flow rates of up to 1200 m3/hr

Our range of airwashers have a lot of application in the humidification industry, with a airflow from 8500 to 190000 m3/hr. These have been installed extensively in a variety of industrial & commercial places

Our V-bar cooling towers are fitted with splash fills and are excellent for high temperatures. They are absolutely clog free and require zero maintenance.  

Our heavy duty RCC Cooling Towers are highly recommended for high flow rates and adverse environments. They have long life, high strength and added durability. They are also available as FRP-RCC hybrid structures.

Our spares are made of high quality raw materials. We provide fills, fans, nozzles, headers, specialized motors, specialized gears, louvers. Our fills are made with custom variations 

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